Maria Photinakis

Red Flag

Red Flag, 34 pages, black and white.

A young woman who dreams of escaping a scorched Earth to live in the stars puts her faith in a long-shot orbital ship, and things quickly get dire.

Everything seems so much easier in Earth orbit, and Cassie finally has the space view she’s always dreamed of. But the long-shot ship she’s on is quickly falling apart, putting her and her crewmates’ lives in danger. She soon has to make the decision: Her life, or her life’s dream?

This was the very first full comic I ever made! I learned a ton from this start-to-finish experience, and I’m very proud of this as my first comic. The story itself was based on my own troubles with an exploitative landlord, it was quite a mess, but at least it gave me the basis of this story — so at least some good came of it.

All the interior art for Red Flag was on bristol paper with manga inking nibs, which felt right for the manga-influenced art I did. The lettering and some post-effects were done digitally. The cover I painted with acrylics on canvas.

(If you visited me for Somerville Open Studios 2014, you saw the original art for this hanging up all over the walls of my studio.)