Maria Photinakis

How Many Dawns

A short story following a mysterious musician in a Byzantine fantasy world.

I made this for the 2020 24 Hour Comics Challenge, where you try to make an entire comic start-to-finish in 24 hours. Well, 20 of these 24 pages I managed to complete in 24 hours — the last 4 pages I did the next day. Close enough.

I was so pleased with this little project that I decided to clean it up a bit and digitally letter it. Likely you’ll see more from this world in coming projects too, stay tuned.

This was drawn entirely in pencil on 6 x 6 inch watercolor paper squares.

I’m in the middle of lettering this digitally; for now you can read the raw images and with my hand-lettering, but some pages have missing text. I’ll update this page with the completed version once it’s done.