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A zine for a climate change social emergency response center (SERC)

Waltham Climate Change SERC zine salad bar
Waltham Climate Change SERC zine salad bar

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Sat, Apr 13, 2019

This past weekend I was happy to be part of an art & community event here in Waltham at the Lincoln Arts Project on Moody Street. It was a SERC, a social emergency response center, a one-day popup event to bring the community together to collaborate and heal as we discuss climate change and how it affects us.

I created a zine, called “Many Drops – An Ocean,” especially for this event, and set up a zine-making station at the SERC to show people how to assemble a zine, and encourage them to conversation about what they read in the zine and what information they found useful or helpful.


As the event took place, the pages about self-care and dealing with climate change-related anxiety resonated the most with attendees, which was interesting to me especially as those were the ones I enjoyed making the most. It did seem very telling that people who self-identify as worried about climate change aren’t looking (necessarily) for more information on personal actions they can take to be more green, but rather how they can keep up their stamina to maintain their efforts. A lot of food for thought for me in that realization, especially as I consider future projects.

We distributed the zine for free at this event thanks to a very generous local sponsor (our Waltham main street UPS Store!) who donated the copies for the event, and we did have some leftovers that we’ll have at future events around Waltham.

I have those copies available for sale here for anyone outside the local area who would like a copy.


I welcome your kind feedback. Thank you.

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